Causes Of A Laptop Display Problem

Some of the more common causes of a laptop display problem are failures with a certain hardware component, with the most common one being (in order): the inverter, the “lid closed” switch, the power cable, the LCD, and the backlight. In such case, you will generally be able to observe the following symptoms: Read more »

Getting To The Bottom Of A Laptop Mouse Problem

No, we are not talking about a furry critter stashing away bits of cheese on your brand spanking new machine, although a laptop mouse problem can definitely be just as annoying. Unfortunately this is a fairly common problem when you use a PS/2 mouse, regardless of whether you are running a new operating system or an older one.

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The Nitty Gritty On Laptop Battery Problems

Laptop battery problems can take on many forms, and often the user is clueless that anything is wrong with the battery until the laptop just fails to start up one day. Below are some thoughts on what forms laptop battery problems take, what factors contribute to them and what you can do about them.

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Solving Laptop Display Problems

Solving your laptop display problems is actually simpler than it would initially seem, although you will of course need to have a clear idea of what you are looking for.

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Common Laptop Problems And Common Solutions

When faced with any one of the more common laptop problems, troubleshooting is your first logical course of action. Far too many people assume that the battery has simply died out, and purchasing a replacement results in unnecessary expense. Before you go out and get a new battery therefore, you will have to determine if your issues have to do with a frayed wire or damaged connector. If this is the case, these common laptop problems can be resolved by a quick soldering job or a bit of electrical tape.

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Vista Laptop Problems With Hibernate And Sleep Modes

If you are one of the many thousands of people who have already made the move to Vista, you may have heard of the Vista laptop problems with regard to the sleep and hibernate functions. Such issues are unfortunately quite commonplace nowadays; certainly enough to warrant frequent queries in tech forums all across cyberspace.

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Laptop Fan Problems Causing A Racket

Laptop fan problems can really disturb the peace and tranquility of your surroundings in ways that few other devices can. Of course fan noise isn’t really all that loud, but there is just something about that constant whirring that can get on anybody’s last nerve quickly. Obviously, laptop fan problems would also prevent you from using your machine in the library or in the classroom,

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Problem Laptops And What To Do About Them

If there is one thing that can put a damper on what would otherwise have been a good day, it is a malfunctioning laptop. Problem laptops are the bane of any modern day user of technology, and it can often be difficult to get to the root of the problem.

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Laptop Wireless Problems: Common Cause And Solutions

Laptop wireless problems are fairly commonplace occurrences in this day and age, although that certainly does not make them any less frustrating. It also doesn’t help matters any that different manufacturers have slightly different ways of implementing laptop wireless systems, although there are obviously a few key factors that remain constant.

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Common Acer Laptop Problems

This may not come as welcome news, but there are unfortunately a lot of reports about Acer laptop problems circulating on the Internet. Some of the more common ones have to do with unstable laptop performance, most often showing problems with power or the motherboard. Some laptops fail to start up at all, and those that do start up exhibit odd behavior.

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