Laptop Power Supply Problems And Getting The Better Of Them

Laptop power supply problems can be particularly troublesome since you often have no clue where the problem lies. Nevertheless, this is the first course of action to consider since this will allow you to eliminate any possible issues from the ground up.

If your laptop shows absolutely no signs of life–that is the plugging in the power adapter and pressing the power button does not cause any activity–you have a number of options to try out. First, make sure that the outlet you are plugged into is indeed working. You should also make sure that the adapter is receiving power. This should be apparent by the LED light on the power adapter.

At this point, you should also make sure that the power adapter is putting out the proper voltage. This can be determined with the use of a voltmeter.

Of you have determined that the adapter is working properly and putting out the correct voltage, you may try unplugging it from the laptop and removing the battery. Wait for a few minutes, plug in the adapter and turn on the laptop. At this point you should have an idea if the adapter is defective. Keep in mind that replacing a bad adapter will require matching the voltage output of the new adapter with the original one. You could generally get away with using a new adapter with the same amperage or higher.

If at this point all your efforts bear no fruit, you likely have a problem with the power jack or the motherboard. Both of these problems will require attention from a qualified technician, although a power jack problem is a lot easier to fix. All you have to do in this situation is to open up the laptop casing and see of you could solder the loose wires back into place. If the problem lies with your motherboard, you are in for a costly and difficult repair that may not be worth the money you will pay. In such situations, the better option is to buy a new laptop.

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