Diagnosis Of A Laptop Screen Problem

In most cases, a laptop screen problem could be caused by a failure of a specific hardware component such as the LCD, inverter, cable or the backlight. Some of the common symptoms and their solutions are outlined below.

  • If your laptop seems to start up as usual but the screen remains black, yet appears normal when you move it, the problem is likely the cable.
  • If your laptop seems to start up normally but the screen stays very dark, with a slight color change and a faint image, the laptop screen problem is likely the result of a malfunctioning inverter or cable.
  • If after you start up your laptop the screen remains dark with pink or reddish tints and then becomes dark after a while, the cause is probably a failing backlight.
  • If your laptop screen flickers to life a few times but then becomes dark, and flickers again when moved or tapped lightly, this laptop screen problem is probably due to a damaged cable or LCD.
  • If the laptop screen stays black or white with no image visible, yet an external monitor displays an image normally, the cause is probably a problem with the cable or LCD.
  • If there are vertical or horizontal stripes present on your screen, which change when the screen is moved or tapped, the problem again probably lies with a failed cable or the LCD.

For diagnosing all of the above laptop screen problems, you may need to plug in an external monitor. To do this, you will have to press the “Fn” key along with one of the “F1? to “F10? keys in order for your laptop to “see” the external monitor.

Your laptop screen problem may also be the result of the “lid closed” switch being stuck, which means that the operating system may think that the lid is indeed closed. Simply try to push this switch a few times and see if that does the trick. In order to prevent this fairly common laptop screen problem, many newer laptops have magnetic switches that never get stuck.

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  1. Aleksandr on March 21st, 2017


    My laptop screen stays black when I turn the computer on. Fidgeting with the cable makes no difference. The only thing that makes a difference is if I hard shut down the laptop and them right away turn it back on. In this case the screen starts up. Can you recommend where the problem lies?

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