Dealing With Frustrating Laptop Video Problems

Laptop video problems have traditionally been a sore spot with the mobile computing set, and it seemed that no model was free from this dreaded eventuality. Name the brand and it likely has its share of user complaints regarding laptop video problems.

One of the more common laptop video problems has to do with the screen display either all white or showing nothing at all. In some units, the operating system seems to start up although it would show the dreaded BLSOD (blue screen of death) soon afterwards.

The first suspect in these types of laptop video problems is the video card. Of course since most laptop video cards are built onto the motherboard as opposed to being a separate card, a damaged one would mean a costly replacement of the entire motherboard, which isn’t really justifiable from a cost-benefit point of view.

Before you call it quits with your motherboard however, there are a few other things you can try. Try to boot up your machine in safe mode and see if you can move the cursor without causing a crash or blue screen. If you can manage to do that, then there is probably a device driver that is causing a conflict. If you have installed a hardware device and its associated rivers recently, you may want to get an updated driver for either the new device, your motherboard or both.

If your laptop video problems have to do with a very faint image on your screen, check the lid close switch to see if it has become stuck in the closed position. This switch turns off power to the screen when it is closed, and if it is stuck, you wont see much of an image on your screen.

If you could tap this switch and get it back to the normal position, but the laptop displays goes off again, you may have a problem with the inverter board. See if you can fix it by reseating the cable at both ends. If that doesn’t work, you may have to bring your laptop in for a replacement.

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