Causes Of A Laptop Display Problem

Some of the more common causes of a laptop display problem are failures with a certain hardware component, with the most common one being (in order): the inverter, the “lid closed” switch, the power cable, the LCD, and the backlight. In such case, you will generally be able to observe the following symptoms: Read more »

No Display: Laptop Black Screen Problem

A common question making the rounds of tech forums is what is known as the dreaded laptop black screen problem. Not quite the same as the “blue screen of death” although just as bothersome, the laptop black screen problem can be caused by many factors.

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Common Laptop Problems And Common Solutions

When faced with any one of the more common laptop problems, troubleshooting is your first logical course of action. Far too many people assume that the battery has simply died out, and purchasing a replacement results in unnecessary expense. Before you go out and get a new battery therefore, you will have to determine if your issues have to do with a frayed wire or damaged connector. If this is the case, these common laptop problems can be resolved by a quick soldering job or a bit of electrical tape.

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Common Acer Laptop Problems

This may not come as welcome news, but there are unfortunately a lot of reports about Acer laptop problems circulating on the Internet. Some of the more common ones have to do with unstable laptop performance, most often showing problems with power or the motherboard. Some laptops fail to start up at all, and those that do start up exhibit odd behavior.

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Getting To The Bottom Of Your Laptop Monitor Problem

As many users already know, you have far more chances of experiencing a laptop monitor problem than any other type of malfunction. The reason for this is that LCD monitors tend to be quite sensitive and requires careful operation. If you have owned your laptop for a number of years now, chances are that a laptop monitor problem is soon in the offing.

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The First Steps In Solving Laptops Problems

Laptops problems can be quite frustrating but they don’t have to mean the end of the world…even if it sometimes seems so! Of course there are plenty of laptops problems that are beyond the capabilities of most users, and these complex issues are best brought to the attention of qualified technician. In any case, some of the tips that we outline below should help you know what goes on behind the scenes and may even help you get started on solving some of the easier laptops problems.

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Diagnosis Of A Laptop Screen Problem

In most cases, a laptop screen problem could be caused by a failure of a specific hardware component such as the LCD, inverter, cable or the backlight. Some of the common symptoms and their solutions are outlined below. Read more »

Everything Looks Fuzzy: Laptop LCD Problems

Laptop LCD problems are really downers when they occur, and it is unfortunately only a matter of time before such problems show up. Blame it on cheap parts or shoddy workmanship but sad to say, it is not a matter of “if” but “when” laptop LCD problems come your way.

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Laptop Computer Problems: The Basic Truths

Laptop computer problems can be quite alarming to the most experienced of power users, so you could only imagine how much more distressing they would be to a novice. One thing that you have to realize is that you will eventually come to a point wherein you will have to cut your losses. There are a few laptop computer problems that are simply too costly to fix, and you would be better off buying a new one from a financial standpoint.

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A Basic Guide To Troubleshooting Laptop Problems

As complicated as computers can be, troubleshooting laptop problems can be a fairly straightforward affair. With one of the more common issues of laptops involving display problems, we thought it appropriate to devote this article to troubleshooting laptop problems that have to do with a failed LCD inverter board.

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